A dream that most of us had as children was living in front of the ocean, because the sound of the waves made us feel calm and happy. Although we probably were not aware of it at the time, it is a proven fact that the sound of the sea is very similar to the sound that occurs when we are in the womb and for that reason we feel comforted and safe on the beach like we felt when we were on our mom’s belly. However when we grow we leave this dream aside for the comfort of living in a place that is close to our work or because most of the time the houses that are on the beach are quite expensive.

For this reason most of the people looking for a place to live on the beach are elderly people who have already retired and are only looking for a place to rest and enjoy everything they deserve after working for so long. Although this is not necessarily true, there are also people who since young looking to live in a place near the beach because they know that this will make them feel better about themselves and no doubt they can have and enjoy a good time with their family after a long day of work.

There are many benefits of living near the beach, as one of them is already mentioned, you can relax simply by finding yourself there by the simple sound of the waves, now imagine how it would influence your daily mood the fact of wake up every day with this sound, no doubt there would be great changes in anyone thanks to this. Another benefit is that it is proven that people who live near the beach tend to exercise more, because running on the beach or taking their pets for a walk there seems very attractive compared to having to do it in a gym or any other place that can cause the mood or the desire to exercise be reduced by not being in a place where the person does not feel at peace with herself.

Another thing that you can take advantage of living on the beach is your skin, because thanks to the breeze and moisture from the sea the skin is more hydrated and therefore looks fresher and more radiant. And the biggest benefit is that living on the beach is like being vacationing all the time, and if when we are on vacation we feel happy why let this happiness be fleeting if we have the opportunity to make it a daily happiness. Because there is only one life and it is very well said that life was made to enjoy it, so imagine waking up every day with the sea in front of you, the sound of the waves, the sunsets, being able to immerse yourself in the water any time you what you want and of course … all the parties and meetings that you can do in your own home, everything you will save in party yards you can invest in your home, something that will be forever. So if you take the decision you can always look for ocean Front Houses for Sale in Baja and start living like you deserve and enjoying your life.