Whether you are making home improvements to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your property or you are taking steps to increase your home’s resale value because you are about to put it on the New Jersey market, there are a number of things you can do to make your home stand out to buyers. Fromm adding a new roof to screening in your porch, many of these tasks are obvious, especially after a home inspection is performed,

But what about inspecting your land for oil tanks? If your home was built at the turn of the century, or if your lot once had a home built on your property back when Roosevelt was president, you will want to have an oil tank sweep NJ company come out and inspect your property to give both you and buyers peace of  mind knowing the land is safe from the chaos that can come from a leaking oil tank.

This article is intended to help homeowners in New Jersey understand the value in calling an oil tank sweep NJ company to come, perform oil tank detection, and remove any culprits they may unearth.

What is an Oil Tank Sweep?

The purpose of an oil tank sweep NJ tactic is to detect the existence of an underground oil tank buried on a residential property in New Jersey. This service also exists for commercial oil tank detection too. The reason why homeowners want to have an oil tank NJ company come and search for buried oil tanks using powerful technology and specialized equipment is to avoid any potential costly contamination from a leaking tank. In many cases, soil remediation, groundwater cleanup, and other decontamination measures must be taken to ensure a property is safe and clean.

Oil Tank Sweeps Help Keep Properties Safe for Children and Pets

Although leaking petroleum and other contaminants that enter the ground are harmful for all living things, adults included, children and animals are especially susceptible due to their immune systems. Some carcinogens are even known to exist in 100 year old oil tanks that are slowly rotting into the ground where your kids play. By performing an oil tank sweep across your property you can rest easy knowing that your family is protected.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ Tactics Increase a Home’s Resale Value?

Are you preparing to put your home on the market? If you have a victorian charmer or your land is linked to a pre-existing dwelling that once stood at the turn of the century, any savvy buyer will ask if an oil tank sweep has been performed, or they will demand one along with the home inspection. If you want top dollar for your home and a speedy sale, call an oil tank sweep NJ company to come inspect your property for buried oil tanks. The certificate showing the oil tank sweep was done will make your home stand out to buyers, and it will be more competitive while demanding a higher price.