One of the many joys of homeownership is to maximize your home’s resale value thus enhancing your investment, providing a prosperous place for family to thrive, and discovering multiple associated opportunities for improving the family’s lifestyle through cost-saving measures. Solar energy can lead to all of these things. But in order to successfully grasp these benefits, homeowners must first invest with the best solar panel companies to ensure for a bright future. This article is intended to help homeowners learn all the qualities to look for in solar panel companies likely to facilitate an improved life of savings.

Look for Solar Panel Companies that Have Been In Business for at Least 10 Years

It goes without saying that years in business are a testimony to experience and quality service. But when it comes to finding the best solar panel companies, time spent in business is especially crucial for another main reason: maintaining the integrity of solar panels.

On the surface it may seem that years in business is a subject that has nothing to do with the integrity of your solar panel system. But in fact, it has everything to do with it. For legal reasons, no solar panel company will perform maintenance or repairs to solar systems unless they were the company that installed them to begin with. This means that when solar panel companies go out of business, the ability to maintain your solar panels diminishes, severely.

Although solar energy is growing quickly, at the same time this means the competition is fierce and all too many solar panel companies are being forced to close shop because they can’t compete with the competition. In order to protect the integrity of your system, look for a solar panel company that has weathered the storm and fought its way through business for at least a decade–a sure sign they are here to stay, and therefore will continue to service the systems they installed.

Work with Solar Panel Companies that Offer the Best Warranties

A good solar panel company won’t just use high-quality products, but they will stand behind every arm of their work through the best warranties in the industry. A 20 year warranty is a good one, and anything above 20 years is outstanding. You should also pay attention to what the warranty covers. For example, if solar power warranties only ensure the working order of the solar system, but not the roof, then you put yourself in a position to lose thousands in repairing damaged areas to a roof, and potentially put you in a position to spend 20K or more in replacing the roof entirely.

Look for a lengthy warranty that covers the following:

  • Roof
  • Panels
  • Racking
  • Inverter
  • Workmanship
  • Performance Guarantee

When you can secure a warranty that goes over 20 years and that protects homeowners with the above points covered, you know you have found a superior solar panel company capable of helping your family save thousands and creating a higher quality of lifestyle.